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2020 Color Trends: We’re On It

Bingo! It's great when the latest design color trends reflect what we already know--and what we've already created for our clients. Pantone's 2020 color trend declarations run across the board: from blues and grays to greens to the colors of coral reefs and the great outdoors. But we are continually drawn to the hues of [...]

News Release: Nova Farms Selects WCI for Dispensary Design

William Caligari Interiors of Great Barrington, designer of record for Canyon Ranch Berkshires and Canyon Ranch Tucson, has been named as the interior design firm for the Nova Farms retail cannabis dispensary project in Framingham. Nova Farms is the third Massachusetts cannabis dispensary company to hire William Caligari Interiors, a full-service design firm with a [...]

Finders Keepers: “Brown Furniture” Adds Value, Quality and Style to Hip Decor

So you have a bunch of “brown furniture” in your life? Great! Let’s use it! In the 36 years since I joined the interior design industry, I have never seen such value. Brown furniture is “out” and therefore the prices have plummeted, creating tremendous opportunities. I’m not describing your parents’ 1970’s bedroom dresser, but those [...]

Cannabis Dispensary Design Consulting: A Massachusetts Update

Berkshire Roots was an early dispensary design in Massachusetts. This design is leading to other dispensary projects. It’s interesting how our business evolves and develops: our attempts to plan and forecast over the years didn’t anticipate cannabis dispensary design--possibly because dispensaries just didn’t exist in our region. But since our successful completion of [...]

NWCT Interior Design: New Style for an Elegant Old Home on a Village Green

You never know what connection will turn into a great interior design client--or when. Liz Bruder-Frydman and I met in New York in 1984, when I was 22. She was working at Knoll International, at their Madison Avenue showroom. I was a resource librarian at Furniture Consultants. Our paths crossed professionally -- you couldn’t [...]

Upholstery Fabric for the Walls? Beautiful. Acoustically Great. Economical.

Since the early 1990s, some of our best interior design decisions have involved using upholstery fabric for the walls, using a variety of textiles to create beautiful rooms with acoustic benefits. Although wall upholstery is quite economical to install, it's a less common design technique that makes a big impact. We love it, and so [...]