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Comprehensive Design and Project Services

• Space Planning – Proximities, partitions, locations, flow, and volume

• Conceptual Design Development – Defining the shape of things to come, ultimately the driving force behind every aspect of the design

• Programming – Intensive interview process at the start of each and every project, how we learn about needs, desires & problems to solve

• Working Drawings and Construction Documents

• Bid Preparation – Precise outline of work scope, request for detailed breakdowns allowing analysis required to differentiate between and make selection of contractors

• Selection and Specification of Furniture, finishes, and materials

• Specification Books – Detailed books illustrating each item along with summaries by room, wing and project

• Art Selection and Consulting – Benefit from our extensive knowledge of the various levels and venues of the fine arts market

• Decorating – The word most designers are afraid of, we’re good at decorating and we’re not afraid to say so

• Procurement, Purchase Orders, Tracking, Expediting – The perilous part of the business, we handle it aggressively with a systematic process developed over many years

• Project Management – Dedicated single point of contact, all information regarding your project available through one staff member

• Construction Administration – Coordinating and analyzing contractor bids, awarding contracts, overseeing contractors through to punch list completion

Specialists in Spa and Hospitality Design

We have 19 years of experience in spa, resort, hotel, restaurant, and retail design as well as state of the art expertise in the design and development of:

• Skin care, massage, salons, and beauty treatments and services departments

• Health and medical departments including Exercise Physiology, Nutrition, Behavioral, Acupuncture, and exam rooms

• Pool and water treatments, including Watsu

• Exercise facilities including Yoga, Strength, Cardio, Spinning and Stretching

• Program coordinating, reception, and pre-booking

• Guest rooms, lobbies, public and private spaces

• Boutique/retail

• Restaurants and cafes

Flexible Approach

• Budget and time constraints fully incorporated into design and approach

• Conceptual design through to fully articulated specifications

• Reuse of existing furniture and fixtures