Bingo! It’s great when the latest design color trends reflect what we already know–and what we’ve already created for our clients.

Pantone’s 2020 color trend declarations run across the board: from blues and grays to greens to the colors of coral reefs and the great outdoors. But we are continually drawn to the hues of sunset, cinnamon and burnt orange — so we’re glad to see these colors front and center for 2020.

Here’s how we’ve already incorporated these warm, rich colors into some of our design projects.

Color is very much a client-driven decision — when it comes to color, people know what they love.

One of our clients loves bold, strong colors — and she’s drawn to green. Here are some of greens, and blues, in her lovely Connecticut home.

Interested in checking your own “Color IQ”? Check your ability to judge various color hues and shades with this fun tool from Pantone.