William Caligari Interiors of Great Barrington, designer of record for Canyon Ranch Berkshires and Canyon Ranch Tucson, has been named as the interior design firm for the Nova Farms retail cannabis dispensary project in Framingham.

Nova Farms is the third Massachusetts cannabis dispensary company to hire William Caligari Interiors, a full-service design firm with a 30-year track record of designing high-end residences, corporate interiors and hotel/spas such as Canyon Ranch Berkshires and Canyon Ranch Tucson.

Marc Rioux of Nova Farms said his team selected Caligari after visiting Berkshire Roots in Pittsfield, Mass., a Caligari design.

“Our biggest concerns are aesthetics, look and feel, and customer flow,” said Rioux, who set out to design his dispensary on his own but realized that such a comprehensive design called for a professional.

“This is a great new niche for our company, which will always maintain residential, hospitality and commercial interior design as its core,” said Caligari, who is also designing Calyx, a dispensary planned for downtown Great Barrington. “The new dispensary world poses a variety of design challenges: from security and aesthetics to the customer experience and merging our clients’ brand into their design. Dispensary owners are also committed to conveying an environment of professionalism and trust.”

The Caligari connection is the second Berkshire link to Nova Farms: the cannabis business has also purchased farm property in Sheffield for its growing operation.

The project will be constructed within a former Papa Gino’s at 1137 Worcester Road, Framingham, which is being redesigned. The dispensary, of nearly 3,300 square feet, is expected to handle up to 270 customers per hour when it opens in 2020.

William Caligari Interior Design is a full-service interior design firm in Great Barrington, Mass., serving clients in the Northeast, New York, across the U.S. and abroad. williamcaligari.com

Nova Farms is a grower and retailer of cannabis products, with business locations in Framingham and Attleboro.novafarms.com