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A Berkshire Interior Designer’s Outdoor Life

When we design an interior, our vision goes beyond the front door to the outdoor life of a home. On our hilltop home on Foley Road in Sheffield many interior design decisions were made with an eye to the outdoors at a beautiful hilltop setting in the Southern Berkshires, where the views extend to the [...]

Matterport: Let’s Do a 3D Walk-Through

There's nothing like great interior photography to highlight a great Berkshire interior design project. But sometimes we make use of Matterport 3-D technology, to give our clients (or prospective clients, or friends, or maybe a real estate broker) a high-definition walk-through of our completed interiors. Matterport gives us various ways to view a project: 2-D, 3-D, [...]

In the News: WCI Featured in Berkshire Magazine

  Photo by John Gruen for Berkshire Magazine William Caligari Interior Design is featured in the March 2019 edition of Berkshire Magazine, which writes of William's design approach: "listening carefully to a client’s dreams, then blending that with his ideas to create spaces to live or work in—has been the key to his [...]

Simpler Berkshire Weekends, a River House and Fishing

A few years ago, Amy and Scott Margolis were looking for a simpler version of their Berkshire weekend life: a smaller, more efficient country home with great interior design. On a river, please, for a bit of fishing. View the Margolis house through our Matterport scan. Interior photos by Steve Petrie. At the time, they [...]

Confessions of an Ironing Man

Laundry design shouldn’t be an afterthought, and ironing can soothe the busiest of minds. What's your laundry space like? Stackable washer/dryer squeezed into a kitchen closet? Second floor, first floor or musty basement? Two laundry rooms or one? A small situation upstairs and a major laundry below? Is there a laundry chute? What products do [...]

Selecting Art for Interiors: YOU Decide.

When it comes to defining your interior spaces, well-selected and well-placed art can transcend common design challenges. Paintings, drawings, prints, sculpture and photography bring life and texture to your space, but more importantly, your art selections should express who you are, where you’ve been and what’s important to you. And the only art critic who [...]