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Selecting Art for Interiors: YOU Decide.

When it comes to defining your interior spaces, well-selected and well-placed art can transcend common design challenges. Paintings, drawings, prints, sculpture and photography bring life and texture to your space, but more importantly, your art selections should express who you are, where you’ve been and what’s important to you. And the only art critic who [...]

A Berkshire Tudor for a British Family

On a pristine west-facing hillside in the Southern Berkshire Hills,  a couple hailing from Great Britain hoped to create a familiar English Tudor experience in their new country home. The Berkshire setting is a close mimic of some of England's finest rural landscapes, and the property they found was a beautiful setting, with lovely elevated [...]

Pittsfield: Transforming an Industrial Age Workspace with 21st Century Design

Creative design for business and industrial settings is just as rewarding and exciting as creating interiors for homes, hotels and spas. Ultimately, workplace design should enhance the workday experience -- for employees, clients, visitors and even investors. We had a great opportunity to  transform an older Berkshire industrial space, when were here hired in [...]

Local Talent for a World Class Design: Canyon Ranch

For interior designers, contractors and architects in the Berkshires, the local talent available to us is world class -- and sometimes under the radar. Let me share these local resources with you through the story of a fascinating high-profile project: the dining room at Canyon Ranch in Lenox. We originally designed the the main [...]

Backsplash Project? Not So Fast with that Tile!

The backsplash above evolved from a client's affection for some upholstery fabric in her living room.  I have never scrubbed a backsplash, nor can I remember ever wiping a significant splash off a backsplash. And I’ve never known anyone who’s had a backsplash disaster. So — why are we so glued to the tile concept [...]