There’s nothing like great interior photography to highlight a great Berkshire interior design project. But sometimes we make use of Matterport 3-D technology, to giveĀ our clients (or prospective clients, or friends, or maybe a real estate broker) a high-definition walk-through of our completed interiors. Matterport gives us various ways to view a project: 2-D, 3-D, from the top with floor-plan view, as a slide show or video, or a walking tour.

We work with Steve Petrie on our Matterport scans; he also does much of our interior design photography. Below, setting up our Matterport camera at a Sheffield client’s newly designed home.

Below, in Ashley Falls in the Berkshires, this riverfront home has a carefully planned interior, this home is filled with light, splashes of color and small-space solutions. View the Matterport scan here.

At Berkshire Roots, the first medical marijuana dispensary in Pittsfield, Mass., we used Matterport to feature our completed project, which brings elements from our Berkshire environment into the design.

At our own home, on Foley Road in Sheffield, we brought the outside in with a great design approach. Come on in.

Here is one of our favorite condominium projects, at Canyon Ranch in Lenox.

We hope you enjoyed this show!